Raqs Media Collective: A Concise Lexicon Of / For the Digital Commons, 2003

Everywhere-ness. The capacity to be in more than one site. The simple fact of heteroge- neous situation, a feature of the way in which clusters of memes, packets of data, orbit and remain extant in several nodal points within a system. The propensity of a meme towards ubiquity increases with every iteration, for once spoken, it always already exists again and elsewhere. […] It begins to exist and be active (even if dormantly) in the person spoken to as well as in the speaker. Stories and the kernels of ideas travel in this way. A rescension, when in orbit, crosses the paths of its variants. The zone where two orbits intersect is usually the site of an active transaction and transfer of meanings. Each rescension carries into its own trajectory memes from its companion. In this way, through the encounters between rescen- sions, ideas spread, travel and tend towards ubiquity. That which is everywhere is difficult to censor, that which is everywhere has no lack of allies. To be ubiquitous is to be present and dispersed in ‘no-des’. Sometimes, ubiquity is the only effective answer to censorship and isolation.

Raqs Media Collective (Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula, and Shuddhabrata Sengupta). “A Concise Lexicon Of / For the Digital Commons.” Sarai Reader 3 (2003): 357–365.