Peter Weibel: The Post-Medial Condition, 2005

The blending of the media leads to extraordinary innovations both within the relevant media and art. Painting is not revitalised through itself but through the reference to other media. Video lives through film, film lives through literature and sculpture lives through photography and video. They all live through the digital innovation. The secret code of all these art forms is the binary code of computers an the secret aesthetics are the algorithmic rules and programmes. Therefore this current artistic method is to be considered as the post-medial condition, because it is no longer one medium that dominates, but all media influence each other and are mutually dependent. The sum of all media forms a unviersal medium that contains itself. This is today’s post-medial condition of the media world in artistic practise.

Weibel, Peter. “The Post-Medial Condition.” Arte ConTexto, no. 6 (2005): 11–15.